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What to look for when comparing Windows VPS providers

With a number of low cost Windows VPS and Cloud providers showing up in the Australian marketplace it is worth digging a little deeper to ensure a chosen provider
has the features, reliability and performance your business requires.

Our HyperVPS pricing is all-inclusive with no hidden fees and charges. See how our competitors compare with the following:

  • Comprehensive backup policy included with every VPS
    This includes disaster recovery and business continuity features such as Offsite and Offline backups.
    There are no restrictions, terms or conditions, just peace of mind.
  • High performance with the lowest number of Virtual Servers per machine in the industry
    A maximum of 8 Virtual Servers per machine equals higher disk I/O performance
  • Separate SQL Server Databases included from our own dedicated servers
    This allows customers to free up memory and CPU resources on the virtual server
    These are also included in our Backup Policy
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    Backed by a premium multi-homed network
  • Telephone support with a 24/7 emergency contact number
  • FREE DNS Hosting and URL Forwarding
  • No gimmicks, buzzwords or special offers
    Just good old-fashioned service
As part of our commitment to providing high quality and affordable hosting services, if you find a competing Australian VPS service that provides all of the above we will price match them for the life of the account.
Simply¬ Contact Us with details of the offer.


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