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FTP 7 Passive Firewall Setup

Just a quick note on FTP 7, the new FTP server software for Windows Server 2008.

A guide I found on iis.net describes setting up passive port ranges and opening them up in the firewall one by one.

I have found an alternative method which I think is a lot easier to setup:

1. Open up Windows Firewall with Advanced Security from Administrative Tools
2. Right click Inbound Rules and select New Rule
3. Select the Custom Rule option and click next.
4. Select All Programs and then click Customize next to Services
5. Select Apply to this service and select from the list Microsoft FTP Service
6. For all the next steps simply click Next accepting the defaults.
7. For the name call it something like "Microsoft FTP Firewall Access"
8. Click Finish


Note: this rule allows access to any ports the FTP Service opens. This is usually port 21, and any passive ports it opens for client connections.

Hyper-V is live!

Click here for our Windows Server 2008 VPS service utilising Hyper-V  starting from $80 per month


June 26 will forever be remembered in history as the day Microsoft released Hyper-V to the server masses.
Ok, well maybe it isn't THAT memorable but it is still a pretty important piece of software in the Windows Hosting arena.

Why? Well i'm glad you asked…

Hyper-V is a hypervisor-based virtualisation platform that allows multiple concurrent operating systems to share a single host computer.

Now while Virtual Private Server technology has been around for many years now in many forms, Hyper-V, like any hypervisor based technology, brings additional benefits to the table:

  1. Performance

    Both Intel and AMD provide technology to allow Hypervisor-aware operating systems more direct access to the CPU.
    Previously,  VPS software has had to emulate the processor in order to convince the operating system it has a CPU all to itself.

  2. Isolation

    In an effort to get around the performance limitations in older technology, products such as Parallels Virtuozzo sub-divide
    a single operating system instance to give the appearance of multiple separate servers.

    This method of virtualisation has many limitations as it does not provide true isolation. A misbehaving program on one partition could potentially
    access the memory of another and cause corruption or worse.

    Hyper-V on the other hand will have none of those shenanigans. Each operating system instance is completely isolated and it is almost
    impossible for one to interfere with another.

  3. Administration

    Hyper-V comes with many administrative tools that make managing virtual servers a whole lot easier for system admins such as myself.
    We will be integrating many of these features into our hostControl control panel for end users to access.

  4. Friendly Product Licensing

    Friendly product licensing from Microsoft??? It's true, Hyper-V licensing for virtual servers is simple.
    One copy of the Windows Server 2008 Data Centre Edition license allows an unlimited amount of virtual servers on a single machine.

So what does this all mean for the end user then?

Purchasing a Hyper-V based virtual server from providers such as Studiocoast has the following benefits:

  1. A server to call your own

    Install whatever you want, whenever you want with full Administrative access.
    Reboot the server yourself into you're blue in the face if you want, it is all yours!

  2. Need more memory, disk space? No problem!

    Each virtual server can have memory or disk space upgraded at the click of a button.
    This allows you to purchase a server based on what you need now, all with a clear and easy upgrade path for the future.

  3. Economical

    A virtual server is much cheaper than a dedicated server and a whole lot more flexible to boot.

  4. More uptime, less downtime

    In the unlikely event of hardware failure, each virtual server can be quickly copied to a functioning server.
    Virtual servers all use the same drivers regardless of the underlying server so hardware compatibility is never a problem.

 So what are you waiting for? Check out our HyperVPS plans page.



It's been a long road to get here but the Studiocoast blog is finally online!

The Studiocoast team will be here to give you some insight into the workings of this humble Web Hosting provider.
We will also be offering some expert advice and tips shaped by the many challenges we have faced (and overcome) over the years.

Members of the team will each introduce themselves over the coming weeks as they find something to contribute!

I trust you will enjoy what we have to contribute to the blogosphere and hope you will find our posts useful.

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