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Why Most Cloud Adoption Challenges Don’t Include Security

Since 2013, respondents surveyed for RightScale’s State of the Cloud reports have consistently ranked security as the number one challenge they face when adopting Cloud technology, until now. This year’s report revealed a shift away from security concerns among both SMBs and enterprises at all levels of Cloud maturity. The new top challenge? Lack of resources and expertise.

So why the shift? Why have businesses using Cloud dropped security as the biggest challenge they face? Beginner users, moderately experienced users and those who heavily rely on Cloud technology all ranked security as their biggest challenge in the past, and have now dropped it to 2nd, 4th and 5th respectively – what has brought about this change?

RightScale Report Graph: Cloud Challenges 2016 vs. 2015

The answer lies in one simple fact — companies are becoming more comfortable with the Cloud. And with greater comfort, so too comes less fear. Which in the world of the Cloud, means less emphasis on security as a top concern. Three primary catalysts have contributed to this rise in Cloud comfort: familiarity, education, and specialisation.

1. Familiarity

Throughout history, new technology has been viewed with apprehension until it reaches a tipping point. Typically, technology adoption follows a common journey, beginning with a slow trickle of early adopters. That trickle eventually becomes a steady flow of users, until suddenly, more people are using the technology than not. And finally, the scales tip and suddenly the technology is in mass consumption.

In its early days, the Cloud was perceived as a risky venture, to be adopted only by daring start-ups. Over time, as more and more companies switched to the Cloud, this perceived risk has increasingly diminished. Today, Cloud adoption is hovering somewhere over 90%, and will likely continue to rise as more companies become familiar with its offerings.

As more companies migrate to the Cloud the perceived risks increasingly diminish.

2. Education

Companies only just starting out in the Cloud still face concerns about keeping their systems safe – security is their number 2 concern. Those who’ve used the technology a bit and are beginning to expand and optimise place security lower on their list of concerns. By the time companies reach the stage where they rely heavily on Cloud computing for their operations, security barely makes their top 5 Cloud adoption challenges.

As businesses gain experience in the Cloud, they also gain knowledge. Their understanding of the technology deepens, and their comfort level increases. In short, the more we learn about the Cloud, the less we fear the Cloud. To illustrate, let’s think of the Cloud as a car. Imagine you’ve never seen a car before and suddenly someone asks you to go for a ride in this strange metal contraption. You’re likely to say no right? But then one day, someone shows you a car up close, explains how its engine works, and how it can help you safely move around. Armed with an educated understanding of that once scary and unfamiliar car, you’re now much more likely to take it for a drive.

3. Specialisation

The growing number of companies rushing to migrate their applications and data to the Cloud has prompted a proliferation of Cloud implementation specialists. Managed hosting providers have carved themselves a healthy niche in helping businesses transition to the Cloud by taking care of all those nitty gritty details (including security!) for them. While many SMBs and enterprises lack the deep knowledge and expertise to ensure their Cloud space is secure, managed hosting providers make it their business to remove Cloud adoption challenges by specialising in security, compliance and monitoring.

Managed hosting providers guide businesses through the Cloud adoption process

Businesses that might otherwise be reluctant to use the Cloud can now make the journey with a trusted and knowledgeable guide. Like a visitor in a strange country, the journey into the unknown territory of the Cloud alone can be daunting. But on a guided tour, the whole experience is an adventure of discovery. As hosting providers offer more specialty services designed to remove obstacles in the Cloud traveler’s path, more businesses will make the trek towards adoption.

Defeat Your Cloud Adoption Challenges

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