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IP Migration – FAQ

Over the past few weeks StudioCoast has been planning a complete IP migration of our network. An IP migration of this scale is a challenging task involving the DNS change of thousands of domains as well as co-ordinating the IP changes on each of our servers.

Why are you changing IP addresses?

The reason is simple. The Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) recently announced they have reached the final /8 IP Block for the region and it was crucial that StudioCoast secure IP addresses to last well into the future. Our previous IP address range belonged to iiNet.

How will this affect customers?

We have implemented a migration plan that involves running both IP addresses side by side to ensure a smooth transition over to the new network. We will also be contacting customers individually that require manual changes. Rest assured we are making every effort to ensure customer impact is minimal.

Are you changing internet providers as well?¬

The move also includes changing our network providers to a new highly redundant high speed network that connects to PIPENetworks, PipeIP and iSeek.
This network is further bolstered by a fibre ring spanning three brisbane data centres.

While our previous provider (iiNet) has consistently provided us with a high level of uptime, changing providers offers StudioCoast a greater level of flexibility and redundancy. We can also change providers in the future without requiring any further IP address changes.

If you have any further questions, post them as comments here and we will add our responses to this FAQ.

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