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~Movember 2013~

StudioCoast Movember 2013

Six years of Movember at StudioCoast!

It’s that time of the year again…Movember! That wonderful 30 day period where men of all follicular ability attempt to impress the world with their incredible moustaches.

Movember raised 141.5 million dollars worldwide last year for Men’s health which provides great resources for many different men’s health organisations such as the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and beyondblue. The Mo is seen as the ribbon for Movember and it’s on you all the time, so it’s a great conversation starter and helps promote discussion about men’s health issues.

Movember believe in restricting administration costs in order to provide the most funds possible to the organisations. They committ 93.5% of funds raised which is well above most charity campaigns, and makes us proud to be involved with such a well run organisation.

Remember if you see someone with a sketchy looking moustache this month, give them a high five or compliment them on it…it’s not easy to grow a moustache, and even harder to make it look good!

StudioCoast will be donating a percentage of sales from all new accounts this month to Movember!


The great moustache of 2012 begins tomorrow!

For the past 4 years StudioCoast has participated in Movember. I have donned the Mo in each of the Movember campaigns, and will be doing so again this year…for the FIFTH time! I’m not quite sure who has it worse, the people who are growing the moustache or the poor people that have to witness the monstrocity that will be growing on my upper lip. All I know is that it’s a very small price to pay to help create awareness for Men’s health issues.

Awareness, understanding and funding for men’s health issues, like prostate cancer and men’s mental health, lag significantly behind other causes so we feel as though it’s important to get behind Movember each year. We have also acquired a small mascot this year, so if you’re in the neighbourhood feel free to drop by and pay him a visit and also view the terrible moustache that I will be ‘procuring’!

A percentage of sales from all new accounts will be donated to Movember for the month of November.


Movember is here!

You know those normally hygienic people who for some strange reason decide to throw it out the window once a year and grow a hideous moustache?
Well believe it or not they haven't gone mad, they are supporting Movember which aims to raise funds and awareness for men's health.

This month my staff are on the ball, setting up a campaign where 5% of every Web Hosting or HyperVPS account purchased in the month of November will go straight to the Movember Foundation.
That money will then go on to either the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia or beyondblue: the national depression initiative. Two worthy causes I think you'll agree.

For full details you can visit our Movember website or head on over to the offical web site for all the details.

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