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ASP.NET 4.6 Features for Your Windows VPS

In July, Microsoft launched Visual Studio 2015 and ASP.NET 4.6, six months after the soft, preview launch in November, 2014. After months of updates and improvements leading up to the launch, we were finally able to download it and use it this past winter.

As an Australian ASP.NET hosting provider, I can admit we were pretty excited about this launch and waited in anticipation to find out what the new version of Visual Studio would have to offer, and what the new ASP.NET 4.6 features would be. As Microsoft Corporate Vice President of the Developer Division, S. Somasegar, stated in his launch speech, they “developed a toolset for any developer to work on any application” – and they didn’t disappoint.

Top 5 Visual Studio 2015 and ASP.NET 4.6 Features

Our developers have had the pleasure of working with Visual Studio 2015 and the updated ASP.NET 4.6 features over the past five months and have compiled a list of our favourites. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are a list of our favourite Visual Studio 2015 and ASP.NET 4.6 updated features.

1. Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Visual Studio 2015 allows you to build quality mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows, right out of the box, using Apache Cordova, C++ or Xamarin. You can install and manage software easily for cross-platform mobile development, making it possible to build, deploy and debug across multiple app platforms within a single solution.

The update also includes new code templates and samples with common app features that you can use for building and testing cross-platform mobile apps. You can share code and reuse existing C++ libraries, eliminating the need to build all code from scratch. The best feature is that developers have the ability to use their preferred code, so you can create mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows from a single code base and share code across device platforms with shared projects or portable class libraries.

The cross-platform mobile development features in Visual Studio 2015 offer developers flexibility.

2. Android Emulator

Now the emulator for Android is available when you install any cross-platform mobile development project types in Visual Studio 2015. It’s now available independent of Visual Studio, so it’s open for developers doing Android development on a variety of tools.

The emulator supports a variety of Android screen sizes, properties and versions including Jellybean 4.2 (API 17) and Lollipop 5.1 (API 22). It’s also Hyper-V compatible, allowing you to switch between different platform emulators without Hyper-V conflicts. It has easy-to-use sensor simulations, supports both Wi-Fi simulations, and the user can choose from several different device hardware configurations. An additional ASP.NET 4.6 feature is that you can drag and drop flashable zip files onto the emulator, and it will unzip the archive and install the files in that directory structure, making restoring from a backup much easier than manually installing each file.

3. C++ Enhancements

There are more C++11, C++14 and C++17 features to make it easier for developers to write cleaner code. Cross-platform mobile developers can use the open source framework and tools to move between languages and project-types and you can write the web applications in C++ and deploy to any web server or Cloud in Microsoft Azure; making it possible to choose the editor and OS of choice to code. There are also updates to the C++ compiler and standard library, as well as additional support for writing C++ code for the iOS platform. The Visual Studio website also states that 500 compiler bugs have been fixed!

With the new C++ enhancements to Visual Studio 2015, it is easier for developers to write cleaner code.

4. Diagnostics and Debugging Tools

Visual Studio and ASP.NET 4.6 features enhancements to the diagnostic and debugging tools. There is now a new single IntelliTrace Events window, rather than having it split between two windows. There is improved start up performance when launching applications and you have the ability to see the entire application during the debugging; helping you to sort memory usage and CPU usage by duration filter, to dig into what is causing issues with your application. You can view the full visual tree of a running application during the debugging session, inspect the properties, modify them and see the changes immediately. The debugging experience is quicker and easier to resolve.

5. Account Management Enhancements

As a Windows web hosting company, we use a variety of Microsoft products, so we find the simple enhancement of centralized user accounts a huge bonus. They have centralized the user accounts to reduce the number of prompts for login. So whether you are trying to access your Cloud backend, connect to Azure, or integrate your app with Office 365, there isn’t a separate sign in for each process. But you will be automatically signed in, reducing the number of authentication prompts – because who needs the added hassle?

There are so many enhancements that we can go on and on, but in a nutshell, our developers love Visual Studio 2015 and the new ASP.NET 4.6 features. We find it easier to monitor our apps in real-time, track the application’s progress, create workflows to monitor code quality and audit the app during each stage, as well as conduct automated load tests. All of these improvements make it easier for us to build a quality product for our customers; and in turn, pass along these benefits to our customers. The enhanced ASP.NET 4.6 features enables us to deliver apps faster, regardless of whether they are in the Cloud, on premise, or iOS, Android, Java, Linux or Windows.

StudioCoast has been helping Australians with their Windows web hosting needs since 2002. If you would like more information on how we can use Visual Studio 2015 and ASP.NET 4.6 for your Windows VPS solution, contact us today.

Classic ASP Hosting.

After commissioning another IIS8 server supporting ASP.NET 4.5, it reminded us that we are still supporting Classic ASP hosting on all of our IIS6 servers. If you’ve got a Classic ASP website and are looking for reliable hosting, feel free to contact us on 1300 787 698 or check out our support page.

We also have the ability to support IIS6, IIS7 and IIS8 through one hosting plan, so if you have a Classic ASP site, .NET 4.5 site and a WordPress site then all three can be supported through a StudioCoast plan. If you have any questions about our Classic ASP hosting or any other product, then feel free to contact us.


Windows 2012 hosting now available! IIS8! ASP.NET 4.5!

StudioCoast prides itself on being on the forefront of Windows shared hosting, so we are proud to announce that Windows 2012 hosting has now gone live. Windows 2012 features IIS8 and ASP.NET 4.5. Along with our SQL 2012 database hosting, StudioCoast is one of the first Window’s hosts in the world offer all the latest Windows hosting platforms on shared hosting.

Windows 2012 hosting is now available on all of our shared hosting plans. If you are an existing customer and would like to be migrated to a Windows 2012 server just send through a support request from hostControl.


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