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The Benefits of Windows Managed VPS Hosting You Didn’t Know

At StudioCoast, we are passionate about Windows Server Hosting and that’s why, when a client comes to us and asks us to recommend a hosting solution, nine times out of ten, we will suggest Windows Managed VPS Hosting. Why do we love Windows VPS so much? Well, there are several reasons – ten, in fact. But before we dig into our list of reasons why, let’s cover exactly what Windows Managed VPS Hosting is.

VPS hosting is a solution similar to that of dedicated hosting with the flexibility of being able to scale resources to accommodate peaks and lulls. Most importantly, the hosting software uses Windows technology.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, the top 10 benefits of Windows Managed VPS Hosting you didn’t know.

#10 Windows Managed VPS is Secure

Windows Managed VPS is very secure, as it’s like having your own server, so you aren’t impacted by the security of other sites. Your data files are kept behind a secure partition accessible by you, and you only.

Windows Managed VPS Hosting is secure

You will also benefit from the security practices of your hosting provider, so your site is protected and secure at all times. There are additional steps that you can take to ensure that your Windows server is up-to-date and secure, including:

  • Use a strong password
  • Utilize advanced Windows firewall options and change settings
  • Update regularly for optimal server security
  • Control user permissions and only allow users access to necessary systems
  • Disable the default admin and create a new one with admin permissions
  • Change default remote desktop/terminal services port to prevent hackers

#9 It is the Best Solution for Growing Companies

Whether you are developing an intense marketing strategy or planning to task your growing sales team with aggressive sales targets, companies expecting considerable growth and traffic from their sites will benefit from a Windows Managed VPS Host. Regardless of where the spike in traffic is coming from, most companies struggle with the issue of how much traffic to expect. Windows VPS eliminates this struggle by providing the flexibility and scalability to easily accommodate growth, without the overhead that comes with a dedicated solution. If you are considering a dedicated server in the long term, a Windows VPS can be a great solution for the interim because it is portable and can be moved to a dedicated solution if required in the future.

#8 Windows Managed VPS is Inexpensive

If you are looking for a cost-effective hosting solution for your business, Windows Managed VPS is that economical solution. A common misconception is that if you have a high traffic site, you will need a dedicated server and incur the overhead costs that come along with it; but this isn’t the case. Windows VPS is a good solution for complex websites, high traffic websites and sites operating with large amounts of data. The benefit of Windows VPS is that it is less expensive than a dedicated server, as well as provides cost savings associated with the decreased internal resources that are now outsourced to a provider. A huge benefit of a Windows Managed VPS is that you only pay for what you need, and you don’t pay for resources that you aren’t using.

#7 Windows VPS is Good for eCommerce Sites

Another misconception we hear from eCommerce clients is that a VPS can’t accommodate their eCommerce sites. This is not always the case. A Windows VPS can provide all of the benefits of running a dedicated server along with the flexibility of being able to dynamically adjust disk space, memory and processing power to accommodate peak eCommerce traffic. It’s imperative that an eCommerce site have 100% uptime, and a Windows VPS solution will provide 100% uptime, high performance and reliability.

#6 Windows Managed VPS is Green

In a dedicated hosting environment there is one dedicated server for one company, whereas in a Windows VPS environment the server is distributed into virtual solutions with several people sharing the resources of a physical server. By outsourcing the server to a hosting provider, you will also reduce the energy that it will take to operate your data centre, as well as the resources to run it. Essentially you are sharing the energy and resources of the server with several companies.

#5 Start-up Benefits

Large infrastructure costs are hard for a start-up to incur. Not to mention the stress of knowing how much traffic to plan for. A Windows Managed VPS is a good solution for new businesses because there aren’t any upfront infrastructure costs. What’s more, with Windows VPS, you have the ability to add and remove resources at any time to accommodate spikes and lulls – only paying for what you need – providing start-ups with a cost-effective hosting solution.

#4 Windows Managed VPS Runs on a Server Hyper-V Platform

Windows Managed VPS runs on a Hyper-V platform that delivers industry leading performance with increased security, improved stability and better replication than other virtualization solutions. Hyper-V is a smaller, more efficient server which, as a result, requires less maintenance and is less vulnerable because of its fewer components.

#3 It is a Good Solution for Media-Rich Sites

Windows Managed VPS Hosting works well for media-rich sites as it allows you to increase bandwidth to accommodate streaming services and satisfy a media-rich interactive site, without the fear of having a slow or unresponsive site.

#2 Your IT Guys Will Love It

What impresses our clients’ IT administrators the most is the amount of control they have over the Windows Managed VPS server. The system was built with the end-user in mind. Microsoft really knows what businesses want, and provides the user with full control via the Windows remote desktop. Your IT resource can do the installations, saving you the trouble of having to go back to the hosting provider to get them do it for you and waiting for it to happen.

Your IT Guy will love Windows Managed VPS Hosting

And the number one benefit that you didn’t know – albeit quite obvious…

#1 It’s all in the name – Windows Managed VPS Hosting

Microsoft has been around for a while, and that is a benefit in itself.

Windows Server 2012

Microsoft has industry-leading customer support and provides assistance with all of its product and services. Guides, tutorials, installations and most importantly – help, is only a phone call away.

The most important benefit of Windows VPS is that it is extremely user-friendly, especially if your business is already using Windows software. The interface is easy to use and the layout is similar to that of the other Word products that most offices use, and most people are familiar with. Some large organizations and government offices prefer a Windows only environment, so this fits the need. If your employees are used to using the Windows operating system, they will learn how to use the VPS very easily.

The list could go on but, for now, there you have it, the top 10 benefits of Windows Managed VPS Hosting you didn’t know. StudioCoast is dedicated to innovation and providing small businesses with Australian Managed VPS Hosting services to deliver industry leading performance at an affordable price. If you would like more information on how StudioCoast can get your small business started with Windows VPS, contact us today.

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