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New hostControl layout has been unveiled.

hostControl Logo

We have been working on the new layout for hostControl over the past few weeks in an attempt to make more user-friendly and web 4.0 (is that what we are up to now?). It still offers all of the same awesome features, but now it’s easier to navigate and just looks a little more stylish!

We have introduced a home screen for hostControl which gives users instant access to their usage information and support requests. It’s also a good launching point for new users who are trying to find the basics such as account information, payment options and email accounts. All of the main items have been grouped together to make navigation quicker and more distinguishable.

If you are a current user of hostControl and have any questions or comments, please let us know! Feel free to leave a comment, send us an email or make a support request. We are always open to new suggestions of ways that we can improve our Windows hosting services.

hostControl changes

Our custom hosting control panel, hostControl, is nearing it’s 5 year anniversary. There have been a couple of minor aesthetic changes over the years (who remembers the orange hue?!) but the overall theme has remained the same. We have added quite a few features since its inception, many of which have been based on customer suggestions.

Recently we have had some requests for a hostControl that is easier to navigate and less confusing to use.We have heard the suggestions and are currently in the process of a re-design of hostControl. All of the features will remain the same, but the layout will change which will hopefully be more intuitive for both new and experienced users.

My personal recommendations have included-

  • Bald eagle animated gifs
  • Way MORE fuschia
  • Richard Marx music on auto-play

These ideas have been ‘taken into consideration’ by the powers that be, but something tells me they may not see the light of day.

If you are a current user of hostControl and have some ideas or suggestions, please let us know or leave a comment on this post!

What’s happening at StudioCoast

Hi there!

It's been a while since I last posted a Blog entry so I thought I would mention a few new things we have been rolling out:

  1. NEW Domain Name Registration system

    We've finished implementing a custom built Domain Registration system that allows management of both domains and web hosting from a single account.
    If you have a Domain Name registered with us, visit https://secure.hostcontrol.com.au/order/login.aspx and put your domain name into the Password Recovery section to receive instructions on how to include it in your existing Web Hosting account.

  2. ASP.NET 3.5 Web Hosting on IIS 7.0 (with SP1)

    This has been available for a while now but I thought I would mention it as customers can now request their sites be moved over to IIS 7.0 if they would like to try out the new features.
    If you would like to purchase a new Web Hosting account you can do so here:

    ASP.NET 3.5 Web Hosting

    During the order process you will be given the opportunity to request IIS 7.0 as all existing Web Hosting plans support it.

  3. Improved hostControl

    We've updated the interface to make it even easier to use and added a couple of features customers have requested:

    Default Documents – You can specify the home page for your web site and change the order pages are loaded here.
    Domain Registration – As mentioned above, this new feature allows you to change name servers, update contact details and process renewals for your domain names.

 So there you have it! We are always interested in hearing your feedback, so if you have something to say send us an email or visit the Support page on our web site:



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