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What to look for when comparing Windows VPS providers

With a number of low cost Windows VPS and Cloud providers showing up in the Australian marketplace it is worth digging a little deeper to ensure a chosen provider
has the features, reliability and performance your business requires.

Our HyperVPS pricing is all-inclusive with no hidden fees and charges. See how our competitors compare with the following:

  • Comprehensive backup policy included with every VPS
    This includes disaster recovery and business continuity features such as Offsite and Offline backups.
    There are no restrictions, terms or conditions, just peace of mind.
  • High performance with the lowest number of Virtual Servers per machine in the industry
    A maximum of 8 Virtual Servers per machine equals higher disk I/O performance
  • Separate SQL Server Databases included from our own dedicated servers
    This allows customers to free up memory and CPU resources on the virtual server
    These are also included in our Backup Policy
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    Backed by a premium multi-homed network
  • Telephone support with a 24/7 emergency contact number
  • FREE DNS Hosting and URL Forwarding
  • No gimmicks, buzzwords or special offers
    Just good old-fashioned service
As part of our commitment to providing high quality and affordable hosting services, if you find a competing Australian VPS service that provides all of the above we will price match them for the life of the account.
Simply¬ Contact Us with details of the offer.


Introducing fileObject.com – A free file sending service for our customers

fileObject.com is a free file sending service for our StudioCoast Web Hosting customers and their friends.

It has been designed to make it as simple as possible to send large files over the internet and it only takes two clicks to get going.

1. Click Browse Files and select the files you wish to upload, you can select up to 5 files at once.
2. Wait for the files to upload. On a standard ADSL connection a 10MB file will take approximately 5 minutes.
3. Once uploaded you will be given a special link that you can copy in paste into an email, sms, instant messaging and anything else you can think of!

fileObject.com is secured using SSL and links are valid for up to 7 days. You can also manually delete a link at any time for added security.

We hope you find this new web site useful, feel free to suggest any new features in the comments below.

The dangers of Unlimited and One Size Fits All Web Hosting

In these uncertain economic times there has been an increase in large or unlimited quota web hosting from many Australian web hosting providers.

We believe this approach leads to a decline in support, reliability and performance and is ultimately to the detriment of the customer.

StudioCoast endeavours to provide our customers with the highest level of performance, reliability and support at an affordable price. The points below explain why our service is different and why unlimited isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Comprehensive Backup Policy

We provide the ability to restore backups for customers upon request for no extra charge. Most other providers either do not keep backups at all, or only have backups for their disaster recovery purposes. We also have regular offsite backups to ensure there are backups in multiple locations at all times.

BOTTOM LINE: If a provider offers a large amount of disk space, their backup policy is probably not up to scratch.

Quotas based on Customer needs

We provide quotas based on many years of experience in understanding the real needs of our¬†customers. This means the disk space and data transfer limits can be used by customers in confidence that their web site will never be shutdown by an Acceptable Use Policy simply for using the limits they were given. Unlimited plans¬†end up being¬†limited by¬†whatever the provider considers to be too much usage.We also don’t believe it is fair for one customer using 1GB of space to pay the same as a customer using 100GB and have therefore tailored our plans to offer customers real value for money.

BOTTOM LINE: If a provider offers a one size fits all plan, 80% of the customers will end up paying for top 20%.

High Performance

Our disk space and data limits ensure each customer receives the highest performance possible. We also allocate separate servers for Web, Mail, Databases and DNS to ensure each service is isolated from competing services in a way that provides a substantial speed boost over competing setups.SQL Servers for example require large amounts of memory in order to provide optimal performance. Offering very large disk space quotas for databases will lead to server performance quickly deteriorating as memory runs out and disk swapping begins to occur

BOTTOM LINE: Large database disk space quotas equals poor performance.

We are always interested in hearing feedback from our customers on how we can make our services even better. No matter how big or small your request might be, send us an email or reply to this blog.¬ We would love to hear what you think.

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